Saturday, January 30, 2016

Have Tos and Want Tos as a Life Philosophy

I am the kind of person that makes lists, has budgets, keeps running tallies, tracks data and plans projects for everything in my life.  That's a person type, right?  A few years ago, I got kind of frustrated with the number of lists, budget line items etc I had and came to the conclusion I needed to simplify it.

From that simplification, was born have-tos and want-tos.  Two categories for all the things.  "Have tos" are the things that have to get done whether we like it or not... things like paying bills, making food, cleaning, going to work.  "Want tos" are the things that power our selves - the things that light and maintain our passions.  They are things like crafting, making that meal a gourmet meal, gardening and other things that we could survive without but without which, we would survive in a bleak and pointless existence. 

Task-wise, when I'm running low on energy or time, have tos still have to get done.  When I need to recharge, I need to make it a point to squeeze more want tos in.  And every weekend, I knock my have tos out early so that I can spend the rest of the weekend basking in the relative glory of want tos. 

Budget-wise, although I have line items for very specific bills, I also have line items for misc have-tos which are things like groceries, toiletries or curtain rods and line item for  misc want tos which are things like movie nights, eating out, purchasing things I want but don't need or a bottle of liquor to take the edge off of the have-tos.  

My son needs to get three have tos done a day.  He can pick anything that isn't a want to that contributes to the household.  My lists are divided up by have tos and want tos so that in a day, I can focus my attention on the things that must get done or when I'm bored and looking for some inspiration, my want tos list is full of delightfulness.

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