Monday, July 6, 2015

Light Prayer

This is an exercise I wrote and began using some time ago - probably 20 years, now.  Once you've experienced it, it's quick and easy and useful in times of anxiety or chaos as well as for centering prior to other work.  It is for centering in the here and now and in one's immediate space while recalling empowerment and reaffirming a connection to the universe.  

Start by taking a few deep, conscious breaths - being aware of the breath moving into and out of your body.  Eyes closed is probably easier than open.

  1. Do Gyan mudra with both hands.  This  is done by touching the thumb to the tip of the forefinger with the palms upright.
  2. Say : "In this moment and in this space, I am whole." Focus on feeling your body and your breath, the weight of your body on the chair or floor, and on bringing your thoughts away from ruminating, worrying, hoping or other reflections of the past or future and instead to hearing the sounds around you and feeling the air on your skin.  Repeat the phrase as needed about once a minute until you have the attention of your selves in the here and now and they have joined 'you' in this earth space. If you need help getting to the hear and now, try reaching out and touching something around you and focusing all of your attention on that sensation, in great detail, until consciousness returns to the here and now.
  3. Inhale and sweep your arms up and out, reeeeeaching up and out to the sky and tilt your head slightly back. Say : "From the universe that expands around me, there is light." The universe is constantly expanding, moving out from the first breath of Hir to infinity, until, eventually, it will contract.  See, feel, know or imagine the universe around you stretching and expanding like a rubber band, with you in the center.  See feel know or imagine that from the universe shines a light that reaches out to touch and saturate your body in the here and now.
  4. Bring hands to heart center into prayer pose. Say : "From the consciousness that awakens within me, there is light." Turning your attention inwards, find the inner light of your own consciousness.  See, feel, know or imagine that it brightens and expands outwards, blending with the light you saw, felt, knew or imagined that was coming from the universe around you.  Become aware of both lights at once, merging in your - your position in the cosmos and as one of being centered. 

Photo : Candle Light / CC 3.0

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