Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Prayer of the Sacred Fuck You

He did something completely frustratingly mindnumbingly asinine.

She trampled all over your boundaries and left you damaged.

That situation that completely blindsighted you that you have no control over.

They trolled all over the interwebs.

And at the end of your day, you sit, staring off into the distance, defeated, deflated, feeling disempowered or less than because of 'they' or 'it'.  This is an exercise that will blow it all away.  Raises power of freedom and exhilaration.

  1. Stand up.  Take a few really deep belly breaths and shake out your tension.  
  2. Close your eyes.  
  3. Imagine in front of you that person, that scene, that thing, that situation.  Imagine it being right in front of you in all of it's terrible glory.  You can begin to let your body and mind experience it as if it's there.  See, feel, hear, imagine all of the details.  What they look like, what they feel like, what they sound like, the words they said, the thing they did.  Let it repeat one good time. 
  4. Blow all of your air out.  
  5. Inhale all the way up.
  6. With your whole being and leaning in with your entire body, throwing your shoulders back, craning your neck forward, directly at that person or situation, scream, at the absolute top of your lungs : FUCK YOU.
Then inhale and exhale and feel it all just blow away.  Repeat as necessary in order to send it to exactly where it belongs...  to the pits of fuck off.
Photo : Fuck You / nuforms / CC 3.0

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