Monday, August 18, 2014

My Three Favorite Face Product Recipes – Toner, Oil Face Wash and Eye Makeup Remover

I prefer a more natural product, when I can find it and frankly, sometimes it's just cheaper and more fun to make a more customized product myself.  Here are three of my favorite face care recipes - toner, oil face wash and eye makeup remover.


(for mature, sensitive skin prone to redness and occasional breakouts - cleanses and calms)
1) Brew 16 oz boiling water, two green tea bags.  Let steep until cool.
2) Mix :

  • 16 drops lavender eo - exema, acne, preservative
  • 16 drops German chamomile eo - exema, redness, calming
  • 16 geranium
3) Add :   46 drops polysorbate
4) Mix well.
5) Add 4 oz green tea - astringent, anti inflammatory, reduces sun damage, reduces skin cancer risk, antioxidant