Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Prayer of the Sacred Fuck You

He did something completely frustratingly mindnumbingly asinine.

She trampled all over your boundaries and left you damaged.

That situation that completely blindsighted you that you have no control over.

They trolled all over the interwebs.

And at the end of your day, you sit, staring off into the distance, defeated, deflated, feeling disempowered or less than because of 'they' or 'it'.  This is an exercise that will blow it all away.  Raises power of freedom and exhilaration.

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Three Favorite Face Product Recipes – Toner, Oil Face Wash and Eye Makeup Remover

I prefer a more natural product, when I can find it and frankly, sometimes it's just cheaper and more fun to make a more customized product myself.  Here are three of my favorite face care recipes - toner, oil face wash and eye makeup remover.


(for mature, sensitive skin prone to redness and occasional breakouts - cleanses and calms)
1) Brew 16 oz boiling water, two green tea bags.  Let steep until cool.
2) Mix :

  • 16 drops lavender eo - exema, acne, preservative
  • 16 drops German chamomile eo - exema, redness, calming
  • 16 geranium
3) Add :   46 drops polysorbate
4) Mix well.
5) Add 4 oz green tea - astringent, anti inflammatory, reduces sun damage, reduces skin cancer risk, antioxidant

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rise up Horizontally

I heard this story on NPR this morning.  It's about Parveen Rehman who was recently killed.  But the story wasn't about her death... it was about her life.  I think you should listen to the story to hear the smile in her determined voice. 

Lots of things reached out to me about her story.  That she laughed about everything and took a gentle but persuasive stance on challenges.  But mostly that Parveen walked out on a project building a hotel on her job with an architectural firm so that she could join a social organization that did something she believed in and would use her degree to empower that cause.  Parveen Rehman said that she believed that people should Rise up Horizontally.